Shanq Jer company was established in 1987, our history of more than twenty years, accumulated a considerable wealth of experience and technology to innovation and R & D, combined with international professional firms to provide customers with advanced treatment systems and professional services.
Main business areas covered four categories:
1. Lndustrial waste gas purification project (VOC purification)
2. Sludge reduction equipment, whole plant
3. Meat and bone meal of the system the system
4. Animals, plants and oil extraction equipment, whole plant

The twenty-first century, modern city, from the progress of human civilization and the rise of industrial technology, enhance the standard of living of course, bring high quality for human comfort, but the attendant problems of environmental pollution is increasingly serious, so modern Urban urgent need for a conducive environment for industrial waste gas purification project (VOC purification) and sludge reduction approach, yet the company has excellent technology spine and extensive research and development, combined with international experience, to provide customers with the most demand for the local environment approach and the most comprehensive planning and services.

Meal of meat and bone meal made in the system of recycling equipment and turnkey plant and animal oil extraction processing systems, our innovative technology and equipment can minimize the production costs, produce the best yield and quality, and in each have the sound field of a variety of procedures and machinery and equipment, providing customers make the most appropriate process.

Shanq Jer company focused on production quality and technology to ensure perfect service, from the technical information provided, the whole plant design, equipment manufacturing to mechanical installation, construction supervision, commissioning, training and after-sales service provide customers with complete and is still spine professional services to help customers get the most benefit for the efforts of the indicators and the performance of the experience accumulated over the years, providing customers a full range of considerations and sound planning in the future we will uphold the principles of excellence, continuous innovation to customers provide more competitive processing system for the pursuit of global environmental protection and sustainable management efforts.
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